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Shopdigitalgirl | Crochet Sweaters | Sirena Sweater Vest | Blue / Taupe

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Crochet sweater vest made from blue, light blue and taupe granny squares and lined with a pretty baby blue.

This cozy crochet sweater vest is warm and perfect for staying stylish in colder weather. Throw it over your favorite tee with jeans for an instant 70s vintage vibe ✌🏽

The Sirena crochet sweater vest is meant to inspire serenity and comfort with its calming alternating blue hues and is one of a kind, just like you. 🤗

This garment measures 21 inches wide across the shoulders 

Armholes measure 10 inches wide 

Length measures 21 inches 

*Item Shown is Item Shipped*

Machine wash and dry

Handmade in LA